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Trump Sends A POWERFUL Message To Veterans: “You Backed Me And I Back You”

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Trump Sends A POWERFUL Message To Veterans: “You Backed Me And I Back You”

The brave men and women who put their lives on the line received a powerful message from their commander and chief. “You backed me and I back you. That’s the way it works,” Trump said Friday as he signed the Veterans Administration’s 2019 budget into law.

Trump announced major changes coming down the line for veterans and their care.

“To every veteran here today: We are eternally grateful for your noble service to our nation,” Trump said Friday at the signing event, according to a White House media pool report.

“And we’re fighting to make sure that you get the care that you so richly earned. And today’s legislation is one more promise that the Trump administration is keeping. And we’ve done a lot of promises, and we’ve kept them all. And this is another one for the veterans.

“With this funding bill, we’ve increased the VAs budget to the largest ever. We are delivering the resources needed to fully implement crucial VA reforms … and to deliver for our great veterans, just the way I said I would constantly on the campaign trail. You backed me, and I back you. That’s the way it works, right? That’s the way it’s supposed to work in life,” Trump said.

Trump added:

“So I want to thank thededicatedVeterans Affairs doctors, nurses, and staff members who join us. Now,\ we’re finally rewarding the many great people at the VA, while also ensuring that those who mistreat our veterans — we had people that really mistreated our veterans — they are now being held accountable. That’s why it’s called the VA Accountability Act. And they are being held, seriously, accountable. Right, Mr. Secretary? He’s had a lot of fun. (Laughter.) He’s had a lot of fun.

We take care of our good ones, and the others are held accountable. Right? And there was no way you could hold them accountable. They could be sadists. You had some of them, too. It doesn’t sound nice. They could be thieves. They could rob you blind. They could steal money, and you couldn’t do anything about it. Now you can do whatever you want. Now you do what’s right. And you have a Secretary that’s doing what’s right. He’s tough and he’s smart. (Applause.) It’s true.”

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