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Trump Slams The Door On Pelosi – Storms Out Of Meeting And Tells America: “No More Deals For Democrats”

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Trump Slams The Door On Pelosi – Storms Out Of Meeting And Tells America: “No More Deals For Democrats”

Nancy wanted to play games – so Donald shut down the Democrat charade.

Donald Trump, the master negotiator, wanted to work with Democrats to fix America’s failing roads and bridges.

But what are Democrats busy doing?

Wasting time and tax dollars on needless investigations after Mueller cleared Trump’s name.

But what has Nancy Pelosi done? She crossed yet another line by accusing Trump today of engaging in a “cover-up.”

Pelosi and the Democrats walked into the White House, expecting to talk about infrastructure. Trump stood up to her and left her speechless.

From Fox News:

President Donald Trump abruptly walked out of a meetingwith House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., at the White House on Wednesday, telling reporters moments later that he would not negotiate on legislation with Democrats while he was still under investigation by several committees.

How dare Pelosi think she could smear the President of the United States and get away with it? And she didn’t.

He sees what they’re trying to do to him – and he left her speechless.

The president made it clear: no deal will be made while the Democrats continue with their hunt.

Trump walked into the Rose Garden and explained it all to the press and America. He showed the sheer mountain of subpoenas, interviews, and information his administration provided to the Mueller probe.

And still Democrats want to push the lie that Trump broke the law and should be impeached.

Even Pelosi, at first, said impeachment was off the table. But now, cowering to the radicals in her party, she drops a bombshell by accusing Trump of a “cover-up.”

Is Pelosi even a leader? Does she just do the bidding of her party?

If she had any backbone, she would have silenced the Democrats and put a stop to the hunt, at least in the name of scoring an infrastructure deal to help America.

Instead, she joined in with their lies. Ask yourself this: Can a president actually score a good deal when Democrats behave like this?

I don’t think so. Not as long as they have any power.

Democrats think this is all a game. They think they can screw with our government and democracy. They are going to learn, the hard way, that they can’t.

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