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Trump’s Memorable Commencement Address To Naval Academy Grads Will Make Your Proud: “America Is Back”

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Trump’s Memorable Commencement Address To Naval Academy Grads Will Make Your Proud: “America Is Back”

According to Washington Examiner, President Trump on Friday celebrated the graduation of more than 1,000 midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy, promising them his administration will continue to build up the military and ensure America is “respected again” across the globe.

Some of Trump’s Speech As Followed:

I want to recognize the entire brigade for a tremendous year. This has been a spectacular year for you. I have heard all about your achievements. And a very special recognition for the midshipmen fourth class, you are plebs no more. To all of the distinguished faculty and staff, to the local sponsor families, and most importantly, to the parents and grandparents and family members who have helped our graduates reached this joyous hour, today is your incredible achievement also. They would have never made it without you, know this. I want to thank the midshipmen and your families, and thank you. America thanks you more than anybody. You have done a spectacular job. Thank you very much.

Finally, to the men and women about to be commissioned as ensigns in the Navy and second lieutenants in the Marine Corps, let me say on behalf of the entire nation, we could not be more proud of the United States Naval Academy Class of 2018. Thank you. Great job.

Congratulations to you all. Four years ago, each of you made the most important decision of your lives. You chose the path of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. You chose the life of honor, courage, and commitment. You chose to serve the nation and defend our great American flag. You chose the Navy, blue and gold, from the first moments of induction day. Through a grueling six weeks of plebe summer, you endured and you persevered.

And then the rest of the brigade returned, and the real test began. You developed morally, mentally, and physically. You poured yourselves into military tactics, seamanship, navigation, ethics, and engineering. And when hard work was not enough, like generations before you, you gathered your pennies and sought favor from the all-powerful Tecumseh. All-powerful. A little bit different. Others worked hard for their demerits at McGarvey’s and the Fleet Reserve Club. And so today in keeping with tradition, I declare that all midshipmen on restriction for minor offenses, you are hereby absolved.

Read President Trumps Full Address On The Atlantic.

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