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Trump’s Praise Of Kim Jon un In Hannity Interview – This May Actually Make You Proud!

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Trump’s Praise Of Kim Jon un In Hannity Interview – This May Actually Make You Proud!

President Trump Show Of Admiration For The North Korean Leader Is A Clear Sign Of Success

In addition to the President’s beaming admiration after 25 long hours of straight negotiating, Trump lets viewers in on a little insider information. That his show of force towards the North Korean leader was all a tactic to get America to this moment.  Now that the initial hard part is behind him, Trump was comfortable enough to admit that, at times, he felt ‘foolish’ for carrying on the back and forth with Kim but says it was necessary.

According to Fox News, President Trump, in an interview, Tuesday with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, complimented North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after their Singapore summit as a “strong guy” and a “great negotiator,” and argued his once-fiery rhetoric directed toward Kim worked.

“He’s got a very good personality, he’s funny, and he’s very, very smart,” Trump said of Kim in the interview that aired Tuesday night. “He’s a great negotiator, and he’s a very strategic kind of a guy.”

The president said he and Kim “got along very well” from “the beginning” of the summit.

That’s in stark contrast to just a few months ago, when the president dismissively referred to Kim as “Little Rocket Man,” and warned North Korea that it “will be met with fire and the fury like the world has never seen” if it provoked the United States with its nuclear program.

As Written By The Hill:

North Korean state media reported Tuesday that President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to adopt a “step-by-step” approach to denuclearizing the country.

“Kim Jong Un clarified the stand that if the U.S. side takes genuine measures for building trust in order to improve the DPRK-U.S. relationship, the DPRK, too, can continue to take additional good-will measures of next stage commensurate with them,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in a statement, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

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