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UNBELIEVABLE: Florida Woman Bites Camel’s Testicles At Louisiana Truck Stop…Yes We’re Serious

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UNBELIEVABLE: Florida Woman Bites Camel’s Testicles At Louisiana Truck Stop…Yes We’re Serious

Of all the crazy things people do in the world, this story is so absurd, it’s truly difficult to imagine that this even happened, but I promise you that it did.

Last week, a woman from Florida was at a truck stop in Louisiana which had a petting zoo. One thing led to another and the next thing you know she’s biting a camel’s testicles.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking; how does someone get into a circumstance where nibbling at a camel’s testicles seems like the best or only reasonable option?

Well, she says she had a good reason for it. According to the woman, she was chasing her dog when it crawled into the camel’s enclosure.

The woman told the local law enforcement that the camel, which weighs approximately 600 pounds, sat on her. That’s when she decided to take a bite of his fruit basket.

“I bit his b***s to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me.”

Fox News reported,

Deputies gave her and her husband summonses on the trespassing charge and for not having their dog on a leash, The Advocate reported.

“The camel did nothing wrong,” Hamilton told the paper. “They were aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine.”

The truck stop once had a tiger, provoking controversy.

Pamela Bossier, who manages the truck stop, said the tiger had never attacked anyone, nor have the zoo’s other wild animals, including Caspar.

It still doesn’t quite make sense as to how she was in a position so that while she is down there, a camel was able to actually sit on her. However, it was reported that the woman, who actually had her husband with her, had crawled into the camel’s enclosure ignoring the warning sign that was posted.

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