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Undercover Camera At Liberal College Reveals What SICK Thing Students Want To Happen To MAGA Supporters

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Undercover Camera At Liberal College Reveals What SICK Thing Students Want To Happen To MAGA Supporters

Higher education is meant for learning and broadening one’s horizons. That much should be obvious. Some college students at UCLA clearly believe it’s more of a time to highlight one’s liberal ways than anything else. It’s no wonder, then, why a handful of young adults decided to sign a petition that would send Trump supporters to concentration camps.

Think about that for a second.

Kaitlin Bennett went undercover.

I went undercover at @UCLA as a feminist named Jenna Talia and got students to sign a petition to put Trump supporters in concentration camps. Leftists are the REAL nazis.”

In contrast, find out how kids react when they find out the media played them. When these students find out quotes about the border really came from people like Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama after being told they were made by President Trump… Lets just say, you’ll enjoy it:

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are targeted for simply wearing hats…

Fox News reported that MSM has finally started to report this ongoing crisis of violence against the conservative students. The Washington Post finally got around to covering a recent attack on a conservative activist at the University of California at Berkeley on Wednesday – but put an emphasis on the fact that conservatives were upset about the situation.

It has become common practice for mainstream media organizations to focus on the “Republicans pounce” aspect of any story that would appear unfavorable to the left. In this case, the Post’s story was headlined: “A conservative activist was punched in the face at UC Berkeley. The response enraged the right.” It cited a Fox News report published Tuesday, one of several which has been published since the incident occurred last week.

The incident, which was captured on a cell phone, occurred as the activist, Hayden Williams, was manning a recruiting table for Turning Point USA, a conservative organization. Williams, who is not a student, told Fox News last week that he filed a police report immediately after the incident.

Alex Szarka, a Berkeley junior, told Fox News he was walking on campus last week when he saw the altercation and decided to videotape it. The attack quickly went viral in conservative circles but was largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

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