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University Students Protest Candace Owens With ‘End White Supremacy’ Sign

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University Students Protest Candace Owens With ‘End White Supremacy’ Sign

Charlie Kirk is one of our favorite young-gun conservative activists. He has made a splash on college campuses across the country that I think will turn the students in his audiences into the next Red tsunami this country so desperately needs.

At the first campus event they staged this week, an odd sight met their eyes. Protesters had draped a banner over a balcony that read “End White Supremacy.” If you aren’t familiar with their staff, his right hand and the person with whom he regularly shares the stage is the lovely young Candace Owens – who is black. (I guess whoever made up that banner got their wires crossed somewhere…)

From Breitbart:

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens kicked off their first 2019 Campus Clash event at Utah Valley University on Monday. The duo was greeted by protesters who draped a banner over a balcony that read, “End White Supremacy,” an odd choice of message, given that Owens is black.

Utah was ON FIRE TONIGHT! Lots of Energy!!! A crowd of about 4,000!!!!Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens from Turning Point USA and he was very excited to come speak at UVU.As the event ended I directed Charlie and Candice to come take a look at these protesters. Charlie says "This is Why Trump was Elected President!"

Posted by Keith Allan Kuder Jr. on Monday, March 4, 2019

“People said, when we first started Turning Point USA, that this sort of organizing is not possible. My best advice to you is that it absolutely is possible, and I’ll go a step further, it’s necessary.”

“If you believe in these core values so strongly, you have a moral prerogative to do everything possible in your power to defend those ideas. If every single one of us did everything in our power, in our local community — our friend group, the country would look a lot different today.”

“This kind of passive, docile conservative movement is dying thanks to Donald Trump, and we have this new grassroots energy where we are going to fight the Left on their terms.”

Speaking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her the recent allegations about her misuse of funds, he said:

“She’s nothing more than a prototype. She’s a prototype of the university Left.”

Candace added,

What we’re seeing with her and Ilhan Omar is that they’re embracing this anti-Semitism, they’re anti-Israel, and that really alarms me.”

and then stated that Ocasio-Cortez is an “intellectual coward,” as the rookie freshman Rep. would not accept an offer of $100,000.00 to debate Owens.

“And here, I thought socialists love free money,”

That statement drew plenty of chuckles.

Charlie commented:

“She would actually have to earn that, and have her reputation disgraced, but, she’s nothing more than a prototype of the academic Left, where she’s constantly wrong but never in doubt.”

“[She] bitterly hates this country, is very generous with other people’s money, and, quite honestly, has a posture towards Western values — that is so fundamentally wrong. That somehow, we’ve gotten everything wrong up to this point.”

“Only a university could teach something that foolish.”

“I don’t want the country that gets rid of success. I don’t want the country that has a 90 percent top tax rate. I don’t want the country that gets rid of cars and spends one hundred trillion dollars on this green fantasy that will do nothing — I don’t want to live in that country.”

As Kirk and Owens were leaving the university after the event, the pair were greeted by protesters who carried signs and had draped a banner over a balcony that read, “End White Supremacy.”

“This is the sign at an event that I just did,” said Owens, pointing up at the banner, “‘End White Supremacy,’ Why do people [have] all these signs, protesting events where black people are speaking?”

“This is the modern Left.”

Source: Breitbart News

The sign in that last picture is hilarious, and so is Charlie’s response! He’s absolutely right that the Left should keep on making the outrageous claims and hysterical rantings that seem to have completely overtaken them.

By turning up the heat so far, the radical Democrats are exposing the underbelly of the snake, and it’s getting so far out of hand already that I expect by 2020 they bulk of the general population is going to RUN to the voting booth to pull the Red handle.

I used to think the radicals of the sixties were crazy enough, but now that we have AOC, Tlaib, and Omar in the House we get to see Crazy wearing a dress and high heels, and the Old Guard is losing their grip on the reins.

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