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Venezuelan Officials Blame Trump For Their Impoverished Country

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Venezuelan Officials Blame Trump For Their Impoverished Country

Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolás Maduro has blamed the US for his country’s crisis, labelling Donald Trump’s government a “gang of extremists”. His claims fall right in line with the MSM narrative. He must watch a lot of CNN!

Mr. Maduro said he would block humanitarian aid into Venezuela as it would justify intervention from the US.

“They are warmongering in order to take over Venezuela,” he told BBC. “It’s a political war, of the United States empire, of the interests of the extreme right, that today is governing, of the Ku Klux Klan, that rules the White House, to take over Venezuela,” he added.

He added he had “the capacity to satisfy all the needs of its people” and did not have to “beg from anyone”.

A worsening economic crisis, accusations of widespread corruption and human rights violations are behind mounting pressure for Mr. Maduro to call early presidential elections.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the Venezuelan government a “disastrous dictatorship”, with National Security Advisor John Bolton adding Mr. Maduro was holding an “illegitimate claim to power”.

According to The Hill, despite being under immense pressure by the international community to call for new presidential elections, Maduro, who still has the backing of Russia and China, said in the interview that he does not see the need for a repeat election.

“What’s the logic, reasoning, to repeat an election?” he asked in the interview.

The Venezuelan leader said that Guaidó only had the support of “about 10” governments and added that they are trying to “impose a government that nobody has elected.”

When asked if he believes Trump is a “white supremacist” after his comment about the KKK, Maduro answered: “He is, publicly and openly … They hate us, they belittle us, because they only believe in their own interests, and in the interests of the United States.”

Meanwhile, his people are suffering under socialist’s rule…

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