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[Video] ‘We Have Seen Enough’ — Trump ‘Needs to Be Impeached’ – Guess Who!

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[Video] ‘We Have Seen Enough’ — Trump ‘Needs to Be Impeached’ – Guess Who!

Since the Mueller report has been concluded, Mad Maxine is back on the impeachment bandwagon. From other reports we’ve heard, she’s off a bit from some of her Democrat colleagues who think that’s a tree that shouldn’t be climbed, but that hasn’t stopped her from making her opinion known as she did at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday.


This from Breitbart:

Saturday at the NAACP Image Awards in Hollywood, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the public had seen enough for President Donald Trump “to be impeached.”

Talking to reporters after receiving the Chairman’s Award, Waters said, “No matter what this report is thus far we have seen enough. We have right before our very eyes the obstruction of justice in so many ways. It is not only the firing of Comey, but it is the fact that he sat on the airplane, and he wrote a memorandum about the meeting that took place at Trump Towers where they had organized this meeting to talk about how they could undermine Hillary Clinton but he wrote the memo, he told a lie and said it had to do with the adoption of children.”

She added, “I have said as you know I believe he needs to be impeached.”

Source: Breitbart News

Maxine Waters has made it plain that she cares little to nothing about anything other than to continue the advance of power and control in the Democrat party.

Over the past several months she is on record as being in favor of harassing and shutting down anyone that is pro-Trump. The effect of her edict has created a dangerous environment in which certain supporters, such as people who wear their MAGA hats, are now feeling as if it’s no longer safe to express their opinions in public – in other words, it is a direct attack on First Amendment rights.

She cares not for constitutionality or decency.

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