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Viral Surveillance Footage Shows Woman Attacking Man Who Groped Her

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Viral Surveillance Footage Shows Woman Attacking Man Who Groped Her

A report out of New York featuring surveillance footage of a woman chasing down a man who she says groped her on the subway has begun to make the rounds.

New York resident Chantal Castanon says that while she was heading home on the subway around 2 p.m. on August 31, a stranger suddenly grabbed her “whole buttocks,” prompting her to take immediate action against the alleged groper.

Surveillance footage from multiple locations shows Castanon chasing after a man, who has not been identified, and repeatedly hitting him as he tries to escape.

In a report titled “Fighting Back,” Castanon told CBS2 that she was surprised by her own response to the stranger’s inappropriate action.

“It just happened so fast and when I saw [the surveillance footage], I said wow, I can’t believe I actually did that, I didn’t even think about it!” Castanon told CBS2’s Valerie Castro.

“I felt the rage coming from my stomach, I was like what did he just do to me?” said Castanon. “Did he really just touch me like that and he didn’t even care, just walked off like it was nothing.”

She says that the man kept apologizing as she was chasing him, but that only made her more furious at his outrageous actions. After running through the subway, he managed to finally elude her.

Castanon says she hopes telling her story will help lead to the identification of the alleged groper.

As Reported By CBS2:

The groper reportedly kept apologizing but it did nothing to quell his victim’s anger.

Eventually, Castanon’s attacker got away, surely never expecting the reaction he got. Castanon hopes by telling her story someone will turn him in.

“I just want him caught because you don’t know who he did it to or who he’ll potentially do it to and it has to be stopped.”

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