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WATCH: Amazing Ad from RNC Exposes Dems On Impeachment: “It’s All About Politics”

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WATCH: Amazing Ad from RNC Exposes Dems On Impeachment: “It’s All About Politics”

The ads that the GOP and RNC have been releasing have been amazing…unless you’re a Democrat, then they just make you look bad.

Last week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) went after congressional Democrats in a digital ad that uses their own words to obliterate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are not at all partisan.

The ad starts with Pelosi telling reporters that impeachment has “absolutely nothing to do with politics.”

Rep. Pelosi has repeatedly claimed that impeachment is not about removing Trump from office because of his politics, though she has also publicly stated, “We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump.”

“This is a very sad time for our country. There is no joy in this,” the leading Democrat said in September about impeachment, according to ABC News. “We must be somber, we must be prayerful and we must pursue the facts further to make a decision as to, Did this violate the Constitution of the United States? Which I believe it did.”

“I’m heartbroken about it,” Pelosi claimed. (Daily Wire)

Nancy is one of the biggest liars in the House and there is no doubt about that whatsoever. She pretends to be heartbroken about it, but this is what she’s been trying to do from the beginning. She’s just made that there is finally a president with b*lls enough to lay down the law.

Here are some of the quotes that you’ll hear in the video

  • Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY): “This is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occuring next year.”
  • Dina Titus (NV): “I’d like to impeach the bastard right now.”
  • Adam Schiff (CA): “That charlatan in the White House.”
  • Nancy Pelosi (CA): “An imposter,” and “We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump.”
  • Maxine Waters (CA): “He really should be punished,” and “ I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump.”
  • Rashida Tlaib (MI): “We’re gonna impeach the mother**ker.”
  • Al Green (TX): “If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.”

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