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WATCH: Comedy Central Repeatedly Mocked Black Trump Voter, He Refuses To Back Down

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WATCH: Comedy Central Repeatedly Mocked Black Trump Voter, He Refuses To Back Down

Last week on Comedy Central, Roy Wood Jr. conducted an interview for The Daily Show consisting of 6 black voters in which he asked them several questions about the 2020 election.

One of the voters happened to be a Trump supporter (and rightfully so) while all the rest were ignorant socialists. But Wood Jr. kept mocking the man (Chris) throughout the entire interview.

Wood Jr. started off with the question, “Which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter?” That’s when Chris replied with Donald Trump, to which he was forced to explain why.

Chris answered, “Some of the stuff I’ve heard he’s already doing, like prison reform. He’s been hanging around black people as long as I can remember. They loved him until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump was the man.”

And this is 100% accurate. No one had a problem with Donald Trump until he ran for President. Once he announced he was running, that’s when they realized that they had a problem, they had a real competitor who posed a real threat to them winning the presidency.

This is still true today, that’s why the left is throwing everything they can at President Trump. Democrats have even admitted that if they don’t get him removed from office, he’ll be re-elected. If that’s the case, then why are they trying to usurp the decision made my America?

Then at the end of the Wood Jr. decided to mock God with a “humorous” prayer,

Father God, we call on you right now to pray for Chris — Chris, close your eyes, we’re praying for you — We ask you, Father God, to help Christopher; Lord, we respect Chris as a voter, Lord, but we just hope that his check-engine light comes on in November on Election Day to make sure that his truck does not start. These and many other blessings we ask in your name, Jesus’ name.

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