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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Get Slammed By Former Governor, “This is Socialism To The Extreme!”

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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Get Slammed By Former Governor, “This is Socialism To The Extreme!”

Godfather of Republican politics and former Governor of New Hampshire John Sununu spoke with Fox News host Sandra Smith about Bernie Sanders and his policies.

Smith asked Sununu about Sanders’ new proposal to “cancel” $81 billion of medical debt.

“It sounds like Bernie Sanders is having his policies and statements written by the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro,” Sununu told Fox News host Sandra Smith when asked about the presidential candidate’s new proposal to cancel $81 billion of medical debt. “I mean, this is socialism to the extreme.”

“I think it indicates that Bernie has decided that it is down to a two-person race with Elizabeth Warren and what he has to do in order to win is to out-pander her,” he continued. “And so you’re going to see a continuing series of all of these.”

“But the other thing that comes out of this statement — and Republicans ought to take advantage of it — is that Bernie Sanders is doing an extremely good job of telling us what a disaster Obamacare is and that Obamacare really has to be replaced,” Sununu said.

“It’s (speaking of health insurance) is becoming a big test and they’re all pounding Obamacare and in ways that Republicans weren’t as effective as these Democrats seem to be. The only one defending Obamacare — and it’s beginning to slip even there — is Joe Biden.”

“For everyone but Biden this has become an effort to be attractive to the millennials who have absolutely no idea what things cost and who have absolutely no idea that eventually — as Margaret Thatcher said — in socialism, you begin to run out of other people’s money”

Sander is trying to give everyone free health care through his Medicare for All plan, eliminate medical debt, eliminate student debt, make college free…yet he hasn’t mentioned once how he’s going to pay for it all. You can’t say something that you want to do and have it happen. The world doesn’t work that way.
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