What in the world! A tornado in Hamburg, NY lifted the SUV of Kevin Karas and his security camera caught it!

A lot of extensive damage was done but this one is unreal. “I came outside and I seen the car and I went back down and pulled the video, I’m like oh my god!” said Karas.

As reported by 13WHAM:

HAMBURG, N.Y. — The National Weather Service confirmed Thursday night that two separate tornadoes touched down in western New York.

The first tornado touched down in Hamburg around 12:30 p.m., and a second touched down in Holland, New York around 12:50 p.m.

Home surveillance video captured the apparent funnel cloud touching down in Hamburg.

“We seen the funnel coming. We seen the garbage cans going up about 20 feet,” said Kevin Karas. “We were scared, the little baby was scared, so we just ran downstairs.”

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