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Watch Laura Loomer Confront Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Antisemitism

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Watch Laura Loomer Confront Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Antisemitism

Laura Loomer attended the Anti-Israel Women’s march, and even rushed the stage and hijacked the microphone to condemn the anti-Semitism being spewed there. Several women, including co-founder Tamika Mallory, spoke and claimed that they weren’t anti-Semites or against Israel – just before the terrorists’ friend Linda Sarsour spoke. She then urged all the women to join and support the anti-Israel BDS movement. (Boycott, Divestment Sanctions) This year’s march only had 10,000 attendees compared to a million last year. Even the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz dropped the Women’s March over their bigoted words and actions against Jews and Israel.

From The Gateway Pundit

But Laura Loomer wasn’t finished. Laura then confronted Democrat-Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who attended this year’s march.

Laura Loomer: Why are you standing with people who openly support Hamas a terrorist organization that kills Jewish people? You’re so quick to talk on Twitter but you can’t even answer a question? The women’s march does not represent Jewish people.”

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“Sandy from Yorktown” fled from Laura.

FYI: Laura’s “termite” reference is in reference to what Louis Farrakhan, a favorite of the Women’s March organizers, describes Jews.

The number of anti-Israeli House members elected this year is very troubling, especially with someone like the foul-mouthed Rashida Tlaib, who has ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Tlaib is trying to get a group of House members together to visit Hamas and ask them to tell about how violent Israel becomes just because you launch 3 or 4 hundred missiles at them.

(View the video here in case it doesn’t show up in your browser.)

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