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WATCH: New Surveillance Video Released of Woman Who Bit Camel’s Testicles At Truck Stop Petting Zoo

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WATCH: New Surveillance Video Released of Woman Who Bit Camel’s Testicles At Truck Stop Petting Zoo

Last week we reported the story of a Florida woman who bit the testicles of a camel while at a truck stop which had a petting zoo.

The question that puzzled me was how does someone get into a circumstance where biting a camel’s testicles seems like the best or only reasonable option?

Now we finally have our answer as surveillance footage was released which shows exactly what happened on that day just a couple weeks ago.

The incident occurred on Thursday, September 19, at the Tiger Truck Stop off of I-10 in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.

The incident began when a Florida-based truck driver and her husband stopped at the truck stop to allow their deaf dog out of the truck. Long story short, the dog got into Caspar the camel’s enclosure, the truck driver and her husband went in after it, the camel sat on the woman, and she escaped from the animal by biting its testicles.

The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of unknown injuries and Caspar was prescribed antibiotics to treat the trucker bite.

As the story went viral nationwide, many people suggested that there must be video of the freak encounter — and it turns out that they were right! (Liveleak)

The woman was chasing her dog when it crawled into the camel’s fenced-in area and during the encounter, the 500+ pound animal sat on her.

“I bit his b***s to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me,” she told law enforcement.

The woman also had crawled into the camel’s enclosure ignoring the warning sign that was posted and thereby putting herself in such a situation that the animal could sit on her.

It still blows my mind, but at least we have some closure on how this happened.

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