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“We Build the Wall” Construction Shut Down Until It Can Prove They Get Proof of This

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“We Build the Wall” Construction Shut Down Until It Can Prove They Get Proof of This

The We Build the Wall team has been doing a fantastic job with helping us secure our Southern border by helping build the wall as private citizens with private money.

But now it looks like progress is at a stand still after a judge temporarily blocked the construction efforts until it can prove that they have control over a stretch of land that is currently being used as a butterfly sanctuary.

According to The Daily Wire,

We Build the Wall has been raising money, mostly from supporters of President Donald Trump, to fulfill the President’s promise of a complete wall closing off the United States’ southern border with Mexico, so as to prevent or deter illegal immigration. We Build the Wall has, in fact, completed at least one major segment of the border wall, but the wall in Hidalgo County is one of its top priorities. McAllen, Texas, is home to some of the largest detention facilities for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers along the border, and is one of the busiest border crossings.

In New Mexico, a local mayor tried to stop We Build the Wall from completing the wall segment there, but the group and its general counsel, the former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, defeated allegations that the group hadn’t filed the proper paperwork or scheduled the proper inspections before beginning construction.

In their efforts, the We Build the Wall team has raised more than $25 million to help build the wall along the U.S./Mexico border.

The We Build the Wall team said that they haven’t been given anything pertaining to a lawsuit or a temporary restraining order to stop construction on the project. I’m sure the team will oblige and prove that they do have the proper permissions to clear out the land and build in that area.

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