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West Virginia Terror Suspect Threatened to ‘Kill the President of the United States’

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West Virginia Terror Suspect Threatened to ‘Kill the President of the United States’

The search for an anti-Trump terror suspect closed traffic on Interstate 68 in West Virginia For nearly 3 days, resulting in one suspect being detailed for their roll in the incident.

“As a result of the investigation based on a traffic stop that occurred earlier this morning, it had been discovered that threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon. A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning. WVSP in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate,” a spokesman from the West Virginia State Police said.

Reports detail that Secret Service agents had arrived just after the highway was closed along with at least one agent from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) who had an “apparatus”.

“I can confirm the FBI is currently assisting our law enforcement partners on this incident. I do not have any other information to release,” said Catherine Policicchio, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office.

According to rumors, the object that caused all of this may have been a bomb, though that’s yet to be confirmed. Authorities closed down nearly 16 miles of highway between both West Virginia and Maryland, at least confirming that the threat was taken seriously.

The incident originated as a traffic stop.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of people pulling off at the exit up here confused — asking what’s going on, talking to one another, trying to give each other directions,” Dominion Post reporter Ben Conley said. “I was just speaking with one lady who was on her way from Kentucky to Ocean City, and she’s just kind of sitting here stranded right now like a lot of folks.”

Well, if that don’t beat all…

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