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What Cruz Says When Asked About CRAZED Dems At Kavanaugh Hearing Will BLOW Your Mind!

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What Cruz Says When Asked About CRAZED Dems At Kavanaugh Hearing Will BLOW Your Mind!

Senator Ted Cruz went on the Hannity program to discuss the unhinged and ‘impudent’ left. Cruz says that it’s great the American people finally see Democrats for the backward and the insane party they have always been.

Hannity began by stating, “What we’ve learned is that this was all planned, all orchestrated. They had a big Photocall on Labor Day; first, they thought about walking out, then they said, ‘We’ll do this.’ I don’t think it hurts in any way for the people to see the Left for who they are.”

Cruz responded:

Sean, I think that’s exactly right; I think yesterday and today were both really good days for the country; they were good days for Brett Kavanaugh. In two days of hearings on the Judiciary committee, the Democrats have not laid a single glove on Brett Kavanaugh, There’s been a lot of screaming; there’s been a lot of protesting; there’s been a lot of anger, and it’s really a reflection of the incredible rage and fury we’re seeing on the far-Left; and you’re right: by all appearances these protests are closely coordinated with the Democratic senators.

Cruz added:

Indeed, yesterday, Senator John Kennedy asked about this conference call between Democratic senators and the protest to disrupt the hearings, and Dick Durbin, the Democrat from Illinois, he jumped in and said, “Yep, we had a conference call,” and he didn’t dispute that it was a coordinated effort.


You know, yesterday, 70 people were arrested. But at the end of the day, the rage, the anger they’re having, they haven’t been able to give even a single argument that is going to derail this nomination. No Democrat has disputed that Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and they’re just really expressing the rage of the far-Left to Donald Trump. They’re mad that Trump won in 2016 and Hillary Clinton lost, and I think come October, we’re gonna see Judge Kavanaugh become Justice Kavanaugh, and that’s a great victory for every one of us who cares about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and our fundamental liberties.

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