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What Liberal Vandals Did To This Trump Supporter’s Truck Should Enrage You!

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What Liberal Vandals Did To This Trump Supporter’s Truck Should Enrage You!

A truck decorated in pro-Trump stickers was attacked by liberal vandals, the owner says that the attack was clearly politically motivated. The vandals destroyed the vehicle by spraypainting hateful anti-Trump messages on it and setting the truck on fire.

According to Fox News, after having a few drinks at the bar in Vancouver MacKay said he decided to take an Uber home and leave his truck overnight in the parking lot. He said he left his vehicle under a light in hopes that it would discourage anyone from trying to break in.

The truck had two stickers on the bumper in support of President Trump, one of which read: “TRUMP 2020.”

“I literally just put them on this weekend,” MacKay, who did not vote for Trump but supports the Oval Office, told the station. “If I would’ve known somebody would’ve taken politics this far — I saw them, I thought they were funny and apparently somebody didn’t get the joke.”

Randy Sanschagrin, who lives across the street from the bar, told the station he ran outside after hearing an explosion to see the truck engulfed in flames.

“All of a sudden I hear a loud bomb and the windows shake,” Sanschagrin said. He had his sister call police.

As Reported By KOIN:

The next morning, when he woke up and returned for his car, he found it in ashes.

“All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock,” MacKay said.

He also saw something else. On the side of the truck, spray-painted in silver writing, was a message against President Donald Trump, something Mackay thinks could signal a targeted attack against his truck. On the back of his truck were two stickers supporting the President, a candidate MacKay said he didn’t vote for but now supports because he’s in office.

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