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What Will the New Investigation into Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Uncover?

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What Will the New Investigation into Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Uncover?

She’s already been rebuked by Nancy Pelosi for anti-semitic comments and now the controversial freshman congresswoman is calling for the Department of Homeland Security to be defunded.

Something doesn’t seem right with the recently elected and hijab-wearing Congresswoman from Minnesota. Ilhan Omar is a Somali immigrant whose anti-semitic remarks are earning her praise from notorious racists like Louis Farrakhan and condemnation from nearly everyone else.

A team of right-wing provocateurs that includes Ali Alexander, Laura Loomer, and Jacob Wohl are headed to Minnesota this week to try to get answers to questions ranging from whether she violated immigration law by marrying her brother to why she tweeted “Allahu Akbar” just weeks after the Benghazi attacks.

They are asking the public for the resources they need to both investigate on-the-ground in Minnesota and to confront the Congresswoman in Washington DC and in Minneapolis. If you’re familiar with their work, you know that they are going to get to the bottom of the controversy and create entertaining content that will reach millions. Alexander, Loomer, and Wohl asked people to use this link to support their efforts

“Minneapolis is no joke,” Ali Alexander, Culttture’s editorial consultant and longtime political operative told RightWing.News. “It is the number one recruitment zone for ISIS and other Islamic terrorists in the entire country. There is widespread immigration fraud and radicalism.

Alexander is bringing the freshly released Culttture camera crew and security team to both Minnesota and Washington, DC. He described Laura Laura and Jacob Wohl as, “two staunchly conservative Jewish Friends” and promised to expose the roots of Omar’s antisemitism. It’s an expensive undertaking which is why they are asking for help

“I started my investigation last year and spent months in Minnesota on my own dime calling out the Jihad element of this new Hamas Caucus,” Loomer told RightWing.News.

“Now both Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are in Congress. No one in mainstream media cared. Hell, the Republican Party refused to care when I presented them with this evidence. Now, we have CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations), which is a designated terrorist organization in another country, running part of our new Congress. I’m going to Minneapolis with Ali and Jacob and our team to further hold the media accountable.”

Why was this ignored? Why did both the left and the right turn a blind eye when I exposed their Jew-hatred, ties to terrorist organizations, and Ilhan’s fraudulent marriage to her brother? We are calling on all patriots to help us stem the tide before it’s too late. I was permanently banned on Twitter at the request of CAIR because I posted facts about Ilhan Omar.

There is an active effort by Big tech to silence those who expose the Islamification of America. Jihad and Sharia Law are coming to America. And truly, it’s already here manifesting in the halls of Congress. Have Americans learned nothing from 9/11? I’m here to give them a wakeup call.”

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