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WHOA! Is This The UC Berkeley Bike Lock Attacker?

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WHOA! Is This The UC Berkeley Bike Lock Attacker?

You’re never gonna believe this one

So, things got bad at the last Berkeley protest. Among them, someone went around attacking people with a bike lock now known as the Bike Lock Attacker. This was a pretty big metal lock, too… don’t be fooled. So just who was this attacker? Well the internet believes they have identified him as Eric Clanton.

If true, Clanton is a teacher at Diablo Valley College, and has a degree from SFSU. So yet again, left-leaning higher education at it’s best.

Bike Lock Attacker

He’s already deleted his Twitter account so don’t bother looking him up. Still… this is all they know I guess. OUR WAY OR GET BEAT! We need a solution to this.

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