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WOW! California Politician BOOED After STUNNING Admission

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WOW! California Politician BOOED After STUNNING Admission

This California politician was booed after making a stunning admission. They aren’t hiding it anymore! Assemblywoman, Blanca Rubio, says she was a previously deported illegal alien – and proud of it!

Rubio has been a huge critic of Trump’s zero tolerance policy and likely felt ‘safe’ telling the assembly why. Unfortunately for her, Californians are SICK of border crossers and booed the politician relentlessly.

There may be some hope for California, after all.

According to Migration Policy, The United States has been the top destination for international migrants since at least 1960, with one-fifth of the world’s migrants living there as of 2017. Despite its long history of immigration, the United States has oscillated between perceiving immigration as a valuable resource and as a major challenge.

The 2016 election and significant actions on immigration taken by the Trump administration have further raised the issue in political and public debates. Even more than before, immigration is closely tied to discussions about the U.S. economy and global competitiveness, national security, and the country’s role in humanitarian protection at a time of record global displacement.

Rubio attempts to tell the crowd her ‘origin story’. “I was 6 when I was deported,” she said. Her father was part of a previous work program but reportedly crossed the border repeatedly after the program ended. Rubio says that when they were finally caught, they were not even allowed to collect their belongings. Take a look:

USA Today: 

Individuals found to have entered the U.S. illegally or those who have overstayed their visas may be deported through the expedited removal process.

Expedited removal orders can’t be appealed to a judge, but individuals can claim the orders were improperly issued and ask the government to review and dismiss them.

Currently, expedited removals can only take place if individuals are arrested within 100 miles of U.S. borders and if they’ve been inside the U.S. two weeks or less.

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