91-Year-Old Woman In Nursing Home Tells Kamala Harris What She Thinks About Her “Medicare For All”

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris stopped by a nursing home in Iowa Monday to meet with the people there and share her ideas with them.

But one of the residents wasn’t very happy about it and told Harris that she just needs to leave her healthcare alone.

Fox News reported Harris was speaking to voters at the Bickford Senior Living Center in Muscatine, Iowa, when one of the center’s residents challenged her on how she planned to pay for “Medicare for All” and told her not to “mess with” health care.

“Leave our health care alone,” Roberta Jewell,  a 91-year-old resident at the senior living facility, told Harris as she was describing her campaign’s health care proposal. “We don’t want you to mess with it.”

Harris responded that she doesn’t intend to mess with anyone’s health care, but to make sure that everyone has the coverage they want.

“I want to make sure that it’s the way you like it,” she told Jewell. “I promise you that. I won’t mess with the health care that you have.”

The Medicare for All Act was actually co-sponsored by Kamala Harris and would get rid of private healthcare options. But now she has introduced a different plan that would allow private healthcare to continue and would enroll most U.S. residents (including immigrants) in a government program.

Harris explained it this way, “Essentially, we would allow private insurance to offer a plan in the Medicare system, but they will be subject to strict requirements to ensure it lowers costs and expands services. If they want to play by our rules, they can be in the system. If not, they have to get out.”

This is a tyrannical monopoly. This allows the government to dictate what kind of healthcare you can receive, and even mandate what you’re going to do regarding your health.

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