911 Dispatcher See Spike in Calls, But These Calls Are Out of This World!

Something that you probably haven’t noticed, but has been occurring a lot more recently is UFO sightings.

It seems like a rather obvious statement because I only know one person who claims to have ever seen a UFO and I honestly think he’s crazy, but the story is plausible.

But what are they exactly?

There are as many theories as to what they are as there are hairs on my head.

Some people believe that they are aliens from within our own solar system, some think they’re from our galaxy, some even believe they’re from outside of our galaxy.

There are those who believe that aliens aren’t real and that UFOs are government aircraft that are being kept secret.

There are others who think that they are demonic entities.

Regardless of what your opinion is and even what the truth is, we know that something is going on. Our own government has confirmed the existence of UFOs, but either don’t have any intel about what they are or they’re not telling us what they are.

UFO sighting have been on the rise, especially in the northern US and Canada for some reason.

According to Okotoks Today,

Canadians appear to be seeing more “out there” while scanning the night skies in increasing numbers. The COVID-19 pandemic has people spending more time outdoors, which has led to a growing interest in astronomy and unusual calls to RCMP 911 dispatchers.

The Alberta centres received nearly 900,000 calls last year, and it’s the unusual ones — not requiring police, fire or EMS to be sent out — that tend to stand out in the minds of the 160 dispatchers.

“There were definitely some themes about unusual UFO sightings and satellites,” said Tracy Duval, acting operations manager in Red Deer, Alta.

“We were getting a lot of calls with the SpaceX satellite launches. They’re a very specific pattern in the sky, they’re not hitting the ground, and we can just explain very quickly to people that there are actual satellites in there.”


Duval said there are some people who are convinced that aliens have already landed and are trying to break into their homes.

“It makes you chuckle (and) you say, ‘No, I’m pretty sure you’re all right’. People do think that,” she said.

“We have situations where people are (saying) … ‘No, it’s legit. The aliens are coming.’ Sometimes it’s making sure that they don’t actually have someone breaking into their house when they’re mistaking it for some extraterrestrial kind of experience.”

I’ll leave you with one more thing that will leave you questioning everything you know about UFOs.

If you want to watch the full interview without the commentary, then you can watch it below.

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