After Cancel Culture Cancels “Aunt Jemima”, Quaker Finally Reveals New Name…You’re Going to Hate It

Last year, during the riots that ensued after the death of George Floyd, the cancel culture went to work and started canceling everything that they could get away with calling racist, even if it wasn’t. I’m surprised snow isn’t racist or a result of white privilege.

What I frequently see though is that it’s not the subjects of the “racism” that gets offended, it’s others. What I mean is that it’s usually white liberal snow flakes getting “offended” for others on their behalf.

For example, Native Americans as a whole had no problem with a Native American woman being on the logo for Land O’ Lakes butter. There was nothing racist about it. Liberals claim that they want inclusion, but then when inclusion occurs, it’s racist?! Give me a break!

So last year, they got rid of her, they changed the name of the Washington Redskins to the Washington Football Team *eye roll*, and they even canceled Aunt Jemima.

MSN reported, “Quaker faced pressure from customers who took to social media to criticize the use of the Aunt Jemima name and character on the packaging. While the image of Aunt Jemima has been updated over time, critics say it still perpetuates racist stereotypes dating back to the era of slavery.”

Well, there is nothing about a picture of a black woman that perpetuates racist stereotypes. There is literally…LITERALLY, nothing racist or stereotypical about the head of a black woman! I mean what’s the stereotype, that black women can cook?

Well, they’ve finally come up with a replacement name and logo. Now, instead of being called Aunt Jemima, the syrup will be called “Pearl Millin Company” with a picture of a building. This is almost as dumb as the Washington Football Team.

Even the black community is against the change:

One user tweeted, “I’m still calling it Aunt Jemima #auntjemima”

I saw another comment that asked if we could call it, “Aunt Pearl,” and it got me thinking. I bet you that if they had changed it to Aunt Pearl and put a white woman on there, the liberals would rant and rave about white supremacy or something racist about replacing a black woman with a white woman.

Here were some other tweets from the black community:

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