Alabama Man Pays Tribute to 9/11 Heroes in EPIC Way

On this 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans I am reminded of how grateful I am for so many things.

It is hard to know where to begin and yet the stories of selfless courage and heroism do bring me a profound sense of gratitude and thankfulness.

I am reminded of the power we have in gathering together as patriotic, freedom-loving Americans. We come from all walks of life but we share that patriotic spirit that brings us together when our nation is faced with tragedy or great challenges. We’re not going to let Joe Biden ruin that.

There are many ways that remember the events that transpired on that day, but one Alabama man took things to an amazing level to remember those heroes.

Aaron Wickham pays very close attention to detail when it comes to cutting his front lawn.

“I make videos about my grass, mowing grass, landscaping,” said Wickham.

His latest work was noticed by not only his neighbors, but also thousands of viewers on social media.

“It really is a blank canvas, this is my painting,” said Wickham.

For 27 hours, Wickham carved a 9/11 memorial into his front lawn in Legacy Grove.

He spent time engraving unforgettable moments that rocked our nation.

“The biggest thing is making it special and life-changing, bringing people together by looking at this,” said Wickham.

He shared the thought process behind each and every detail.

“Then down here, never forget 9/11, I just wanted to make sure that was the focal point because that’s the message I want to get across,” said Wickham. “To never forget, I will never forget.”

A saying we hear often.

“We need to remember what happened on 9/11, not only for our future generations to remember what we felt that day,” said Wickham. “The entire world changed right before our eyes.”


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