American Airlines Forced Celeb Singer To Remove Shirt In Front Of Entire Plane Or Get Kicked Off Flight

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day who is very popular on social media as well, took to Twitter to let everyone know that she had been forced to remove her shirt while on an American Airlines flight.

She didn’t get to do it privately either. She was forced to take off her top in front of everyone on the plane.

O’Day tweeted, “never have I flown & had the steward treat me like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight.. including making me undress in front of the entire plane because he didn’t like my shirt & made me turn inside out in order to fly. @AmericanAir JAMES RUSSO NEEDS TO BE FIRED.”

O’Day replied to a comment from another user saying, “yeah. I was SHOCKED. I literally had to have my breasts in a bra out in front of everyone around me in order to not get kicked off. The girl next to me held up her blanket cuz she felt bad.”

Now, we don’t know what type of shirt she was wearing on this flight., but my guess is that it wasn’t something that was too revealing if they were forcing her to reveal even more.

I’m betting that there was some sort of profanity on the shirt.

American Airlines actually responded to O’Day’s tweets and wanted her to provide further information on the incident, but it seemed as though she didn’t want to have anything to do with the situation any longer.

I could be wrong here, but what this suggests to me is that there really is more to the story than what she’s putting out there.

As I said, I imagine the shirt said something inappropriate and that someone told her that she was going to have to remove it or be kicked off the plane. She could have gone to the bathroom or put something else on top of it, but she probably was mad and just acted like an idiot to draw attention.

If I’m wrong, I don’t mind saying I’m wrong, but this is just my guess.

Photo Credit: Justin Higuchi

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