Anti-Gun Activist Uses A Cop To Prove A Point, Realized Mistake Too Late

The gun grabbers strike again. This time one attempts to use a police chief to smuggle a gun into a court hearing. The chief, by the way, did so – willingly and you’ll be shocked to learn why.

A second anti-gun activist was escorted from a gun-control hearing Monday after reportedly using a police officer to circumvent security measures and bring in a firearm receiver.

The hearing, which was open to the public and addressed a number of proposed gun control measures, attracted activists on both sides of gun issues. A large group of anti-gun activists, wearing matching shirts from the group Connecticut Against Gun Violence, attended to hear testimony from Executive Director Jeremy Stein.

According to Ray Bevis, legislative coordinator for the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Stein’s testimony did not go exactly as planned. Bevis told The Daily Caller that Stein had asked to bring as a prop a firearm receiver — and had been told that he would not be allowed to bring it.

But instead of making his point without the prop, Stein reportedly asked Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez to bring the firearm component in for him, thus circumventing security measures. Perez also testified on Monday in favor of stricter gun control laws.

Bevis shared a photo and video of Stein then being escorted from the building. “Jeremy Stein, executive director of CT Against Gun Violence being escorted out of a public hearing for smuggling a firearm receiver into the hearing,” he captioned the post. “He used a police chief as his mule.”

The hearing had already been disrupted once before when a woman was escorted from the room after being caught sending what appeared to be a text threatening the lives of Republican Connecticut State Sen. Rob Sampson and any NRA members.

The threat, reported by the Daily Caller was as followed:

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” the text read, according to a photo.

The woman told Capitol Police upon being asked to leave that she was sending the message to her daughter. They determined that she was not in possession of a firearm — nor does she even own one — and she immediately complied when officers asked her not to return for the remainder of the day.

I mean… Really? In what warped world is this a form of ‘peaceful protest’. I tell you what, if a Trump supporter pulled a stunt like that MSM would be all over it.

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