Antifa Storms Portland With Violence Attacking Bystanders and Counter-Protesters with Hammers and Pepper Spray

This weekend in Portland, a popular group known as the “Proud Boys” came in on buses and walked through the city streets.

On the other side of the city, Antifa who is soon to be named as a terrorist organization was presently doing their stupid thing as well.

The #Portand hashtag was trending over the weekend and it’s clear to see why.

Antifa supporters want you to believe that it is the Proud Boys and the heavily armed Portland Police that are the fascists, but they clearly demonstrate that they are truly the fascists.

Just take a look at some of the video taken from this weekend and see how violent, ignorant, and stupid they really are.

Elijah Schaffer tweeted:

🚨 BREKAING 🚨 ANTIFA chases conservative protestors through Portland streets

They sprayed pepper spray, assaulted multiple victims including a young girl, tasered a teenager

Riot police on the scene, protestors on the ground cheered cops to jump off and kill themselves

Andy Ngo was able to share a lot of video from this weekend.

“I didn’t come to talk, I came to bring it out.” Things are getting tense at the antifa protest. Someone hit a man’s microphone to the ground. I recognize this shirtless man from Seattle last year at another antifa protest. He came up to me and said, “Death is coming.”

Independent journalist @Muffinpan503 was attacked & pepper sprayed. A woman tries to calm the angry shirtless man following him but is told to mind her own business as a white person.

This one man seemed to be causing a lot of the problems.

A black man praises Jesus on a bullhorn. The shirtless protester yells at him: “Ain’t no f—ing white Jesus going to save the black man from the white man’s oppression, uncle Tom.”

Here is Antifa attacking people on a bus and literally trying to hit them with a hammer!

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