Attempted Murder Plot Thwarted at Last Minute – Caught on Video!

Deputies in Florida recently stopped a murder plot after a man had made threats to a woman through text messaging.

If he would have not had such an ego and had just carried through with his plan, the outcome may have turned out differently, but thank goodness that he felt the need to threaten her first.

Recently, Sheriff’s deputies in Florida intervened seamlessly to thwart an apparent attempted murder. They arrested a suspect. No one sustained permanent physical harm during these events.

Now 39-year old Aaron Thayer stands accused of a number of serious criminal charges, including attempted premeditated first-degree murder. Officers tased him when he refused to comply with their instructions during the arrest. They searched his pockets and discovered a loaded gun and a folded knife.

Reportedly, a woman had called the Sheriff’s office earlier to report threats allegedly made against her by the accused. Deputies listened to a conversation in which he threatened to return to Florida from a Connecticut job site and kill her.

The following day, they received a report Mr. Thayer had arrived at the home with a crowbar and had sought to break into the residence. They discovered him chasing the woman outside the home. The quick intervention of the deputies, recorded on body camera footage, resulted in the apprehension of the defendant without violence.

Fox News reported,

Bodycam footage shows the suspect, 39-year-old Aaron Thayer, being shocked with a Taser stun gun and apprehended as police arrived at the scene on Saturday.

The man’s girlfriend, who was not identified, had called police the day before to report receiving multiple threatening text messages, some of which said “I hope you die” and “Imma kill you,” according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

The next day, police received a call from the woman saying Thayer was at her home, “armed with a tire iron,” and was trying to break in and threatening to kill her, authorities said.

Take a look at the body cam footage below:


Fox News

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