Audit Find MASSIVE Problems with California “Motor Voter” Program

Voter fraud is rampant in the country nowadays. It’s my personal opinion as to why Democrats even win elections anymore and why Hillary Clinton even came close to winning the election.

In fact, it always seems that the times we hear about voter fraud occurring somewhere, it’s in a Democratically controlled area…of course.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, it’s happened again in another Democratically controlled area, California.

After an audit into a new program for voter registration, auditors discovered approximately 84,000 duplicate voter registration records.

According to KTLA,

The analysis covered just the first five months of the new “motor voter” program, which was launched in April 2018. It found a wide array of problems with the rollout of the DMV system, including a limited amount of testing as well as inconsistent and confusing lines of communication between the state agencies involved in its creation. Many of the findings align with documents reported by the Los Angeles Times in an investigation earlier this year of the motor voter program.

Auditors reviewed more than 3 million voter registration files, comparing the records from both DMV and California’s secretary of state. They found 83,684 duplicate voter registration records, a mistake attributed to inconsistencies in what was listed for voters’ political party preferences.

This isn’t all that California has going against them when it comes to voter fraud. Los Angeles County was recently discovered to have A LOT more registered voters than are actually eligible to vote, about 1.6 million more. To give you an idea of how much that is, that’s about the size of Philadelphia.

While Los Angeles County is by far the biggest offender when it comes to this voter fraud, they’re not alone in the state of California.

Nearly 20% of all counties in California have registered voter numbers that exceed 100% of the eligible voters.

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