BAD News For Hateful Hosts Of ‘The View’ After Roseanne Gets Revenge For Her Sudden Show Cancel

Barr’s sudden cancellation came as a seemingly quick decision on behalf of ABC brass after a single Tweet the star posted less than 24 hours ago. Like all opinionated celebs in Hollywood, Barr had expressed her thoughts to the masses about a certain politician via social media. The difference was that she was chastised, financially and professionally punished for her remarks whereas the other celebrities were not. In fact, oftentimes they are praised for their divisive and exceptionally offensive statements so long as it’s against Trump or anyone in his administration or associated with him.

Immediately following Roseanne’s sudden firing, fans across the country wanted to know how ABC could cancel her super successful show, yet continually reward the hosts of a repulsively hateful show the network runs. The majority of the catty host of “The View” have had far worse to say about our president and first lady than Roseanne has about former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

Keep in mind, Jarrett has been accused of “overlooking” many scandals against the American people having to do with the former president, as previously pointed out by Real Clear Politics. This doesn’t sit well with pro-Trump patriot Roseanne. The sitcom star made a comment on Twitter Tuesday referring to Jerrett, who is Iranian born and African-American, as looking like the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.”

Roseanne’s comments may not have been in the best taste, but they weren’t any worse than how famous liberals describe conservatives, the president, his wife, and underaged child. In fact, the ladies on “The View,” particularly Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg, have far worse to say about these right-wing individuals and their children than Roseanne did about Jarrett. So why are these women still supported by ABC and Roseanne isn’t? Well, these hateful hosts were just dealt a heaping dose of revenge from the American people who are fed-up with the extreme double standard.


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