BEST THING ON THE INTERNET TODAY: Best Friends Reunite After 3 Years Reminds Us the Truth About America’s Racism

Don’t let the mainstream media trick you into believing that most people are racist, because they’re not.

We, as Americans, have come a long way in the fight against racism and have accomplished much. But if we let our guard down, they will seize on the moment and push their propaganda even harder.

They have an agenda to push to further divide the nation so as to conquer it and to gain ultimate and unthrottled control of the population. They literally want us divided.

That’s not America. America is not racist.

Yes, there are racists out there. There are white racists, there are black racists, there are Chinese racists, there are racists of all sorts in America, but they in no way represent the majority of people.

Take for example two best friends from the military. A video capturing a heart-warming “brounion” between the two servicemen after three years apart is going viral.


Rachel Taylor shared the moving 30-second clip to TikTok after her husband, John Taylor, was surprised by his “best friend”, Justin Crockett.

Rachel, who organized the meet to celebrate John’s graduation and her retirement, explained the pair were stationed together in northern Japan between 2012-2015.

Taylor, now a retired master sergeant combat medic, hadn’t seen his friend, a chief master sergeant security forces, for three years after later moving to Florida, and Crockett to Hawaii.

John instantly recognizes his former comrade, but is in so much shock he drops the crate of water he’s holding to the floor, as his jaw falls open.

John can scarcely believe his eyes as he shrieks in delight, and hugs Crockett, now based at Holloman Air Force Base, while climbing on top of him.

The two men embrace in a moving reunion, as John jumps up and down for joy, before bending down on the ground with his head in his hands.

It really is a heart-warming sight to behold.

Here’s a little thought experiment:

Do you ever have evil thoughts? Have you ever thought about harming someone or doing something that you know is wrong, but maybe you never actually planned on doing it? Sometimes thoughts just pop into our minds, right or wrong. We are humans and our nature is sinful, but that doesn’t mean that we carry out every sinful thought that comes in our heads. We don’t always control what we think about. Sometimes something bad will pop into our heads and we just have to ignore it and not let it control us.

But having bad thoughts come into our heads doesn’t make us bad. In fact, your ability to resist that sort of thought and to eliminate it from your mind suggests quite the opposite.


Photo Credit: Rachel Taylor

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