Biden Administration Facing Two Immediate Crisis…We’re All Doomed

Though the Biden administration is trying to ignore and hide it, we all know that the problem at the Southern border is huge. It is a crisis.

We’re still dealing with a lot right now and a crisis at the border is not something that we need to be adding to the situation, but Biden is too cowardly to do anything about it.

Our children have been locked out of their schools, mostly in Democrat-run municipalities. When we separate the pandemic crisis from the other three, we’re left with a massive wave of humanity pressing to enter our nation at the southern border, while our children suffer irreparably.

To realistically debate the consequences of this Biden-triggered catastrophe, Mexico has an alarming percentage of (forbidden virus) infections. Why in the name of any sense of logic are we resuming a catch-and-release policy at our border?

A political faction insists we must live in isolation removes all barriers to being able to isolate and protect ourselves. Because anyone associate with the radical left hates former President Donald Trump, policy changes and protective measures are being erased out of spite.

Now, there is an even more alarming aspect of the border crisis. Biden’s cronies have established a policy that migrant children should be allowed into in-person learning immediately. Wait, our own children are still suffering from being locked out of their schools, but illegal migrants educational needs are taking precedence?

The blatant hypocrisy is astounding. This is more than a tale of two crises. The agenda of the radical left has become all-too-obvious. Their brazenness is more alarming than their inane policy decisions. They care nothing about the plight of our own suffering children, while investing every ounce of energy available to bludgeon our border an overflow of humanity.

Fear and chaos are the tools the Democrat Party uses to manipulate society. It is working like magic. They have taken a global pandemic and turned into a panic situation. Through Draconian guidelines, the radicals are consuming the futures of our children.

Now they have opened up our southern border to unknowns from across the world, not just people from Central America. Democrats have taken two crises, both in which they are responsible, and are riding the wave of the crisis the friends in China launched. America must wake up before the fourth and final crisis is unleashed, our freedom.

Photo Credit: YouTube/White House

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