Bill Maher Is Eating His Own Anti-American Anti-Trump Words After Recent White House Success

Bill Maher Says The One Way To Get Rid Of Trump Is An Economic Collapse

Liberal elitist never ceases to amaze how deep their hate for the President goes. For instance, late night host Bill Maher has a theory. Maher’s theory is the only way the Democrats will get Trump out of office is if America goes back into a recession. A full economic collapse. “Please, bring on the recession,” Maher stated as he admitted he’s hoping for a crash.

As Written By Monica Showalter With American Thinker:

He just wants the U.S. economy to magically crash and Americans to end their support for President Trump so that a leftist Democrat can be elected.

Obama created a bad economy through his policies, although he could have created a good one, because free markets work no matter who is trying them. He just didn’t need or want one. So long as bureaucrats were hired, and free stuff was doled out, and big government spending on welfare was do-able by draining our Social Security trust fund, what did he care that the economy was a dump on the same continuum as socialist Venezuela’s? What mattered to him was big spending big government. That’s how he felt successful.

Trump doesn’t see it that way, and shrewdly knows that the public would be a lot happier with a roaring economy, big bonuses, rising salaries and their choice of jobs. That idea was lying in the dirt with Obama in the saddle and Trump cleverly snagged it out and used it.

In other words, Obama had his chance, and he blew it. Now Trump is picking up the prize, as the economy roars in joy and America is being made great again.

No wonder Maher is eating his leftist heart out. He just can’t connect the good economy with Trump, so he blames the economy. How pathetic that he hopes for a crash as a means to bring back failed leftists. Won’t work, unless the public gets tired of winning.

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