Black Woman Interrupts Trump’s Speech, Crowd Explodes When He Does This To Her [VIDEO]

If you want another example of how Trump is absolutely not a racist or a sexist, you really don’t have to look far.

At a recent press conference, a woman in the audience asked Donald Trump a question and his response was epic!

The Conservative Tribune reports that the young woman, who is black and believed to be a veteran and 9/11 survivor, nervously explained that she was interested and had experience in design and interior decoration, laughingly agreeing that she really liked what Trump had done with his building.

“So here’s what I’m gonna do,” Trump said, pointing to a man off to the side of him on the stage. “There’s the man. Stand right over there.”

Returning his attention to the crowd in front of him, he declared, “If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s gonna probably have a job, OK.”

“If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s gonna probably have a job,” Trump said.

This is exactly what a good President should do in this situation.

Check out the video!

But really, if President Trump were really a racist and sexist douche he would never have offered the woman a job.

In fact, he would have either ignored her or had her removed from the press conference.

However, he did the opposite. He did the honorable thing.

Of course, you’re probably not going to see this on the news tonight since the mainstream media is still doing its best to portray President Trump in a negative light. But don’t be fooled, this man is FOR America and FOR Americans!

Do you think Obama would have ever done anything remotely similar to what Trump did? I wouldn’t bet on it.

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