BOMBSHELL! Undeniable Proof Capitol Police Let Protesters Inside Building (VIDEO)

All along, we’ve been saying that the mainstream media’s narrative was not to be trusted regarding January 6th, and now we’re finally being vindicated!

The mainstream media has called it everything from a coup attempt to an insurrection and everything in between, but recently released video tells a different story.

Despite reports from CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets gleefully framing Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists, the video tells a different story.

As protesters approach the entrance to the building, Capitol police can be heard urging them to come in if they promise to do so peacefully. An officer tells a long-haired man, “…no attacking, no assault, remain calm.”

The protester relays the message to the rest of the crowd with help from Jacob Chansley, known by most as the “Q shaman.” Decked out in his instantly recognizable fur hat with horns, Chansley can be heard yelling that the crowd has the right to peacefully assemble. Many patriots, including Chansley, have been held without bail since January.

American Greatness reported,

One officer, identified in the video and confirmed by charging documents as Officer Keith Robishaw, appears to tell Chansely’s group they won’t stop them from entering the building. “We’re not against . . . you need to show us . . . no attacking, no assault, remain calm,” Robishaw warns. Chansley and another protestor instruct the crowd to act peacefully. “This has to be peaceful,” Chansley yelled. “We have the right to peacefully assemble.”

The video directly contradicts what government prosecutors allege in a complaint filed January 8 against Chansley: “Robishaw and other officers calmed the protestors somewhat and directed them to leave the area from the same way they had entered. Chansley approached Officer Robishaw and screamed, among other things, that this was their house, and that they were there to take the Capitol, and to get Congressional leaders.”


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