BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Border Patrol Whistleblower Reveals Shocking Encounters With Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

This never gets enough attention and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I don’t know if people just don’t care about the truth that whistleblowers bring forward or what.

But Project Veritas and James O’Keefe have once again brought us some hard-hitting truth.

According to anonymous US Border Patrol sources, a shockingly high number of illegal alien sex offenders are pouring through our southern border. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe has uncovered the sordid facts of this illegal alien sex offender invasion and is now revealing them.

Tragically, the once-secure US-Mexico border created by former President Donald Trump has become a superhighway of illegal immigration. The situation began in February when the Biden Administration nonsensically ended ‘Operation Talon,’ Mr. Trump’s policy targeting illegal alien sex offenders.

O’Keefe lays out all the shocking details in his recent video interview with the informer. In it, the informer points to the federal agency’s ‘Border Intelligence Daily’ report, obtained by the Project Veritas founder, for proof of how dire the border situation is:

  • Sex offender encounters at the US southern border have reached a five-year high.
  • Since February, a record number of criminal illegal aliens are crossing the southern border into the US.

Human Events reported,

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson joined a coalition of 18 state attorneys general to urge Biden to reverse the cancellation, according to ABC 4 News. 

“We’re working hard to fight human trafficking and sex crimes in South Carolina and allowing convicted sex offenders who are here illegally to remain in our country makes absolutely no sense,” Wilson said. “These trafficking and sex crimes are repugnant to human decency generally and to children specifically,” he added. 

Does anybody–besides Joe Biden–contest this?  The AGs went on:

“The United States’ population of illegal immigrants includes disturbingly large numbers of criminals with prior convictions for sexual crimes,” the letter reads. “According to data collected by Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, during the period from October 2014 to May 2018 ICE arrested 19,572 illegal aliens with criminal convictions for whom the most serious prior conviction was a conviction for a sex-related offense.” 

“Meanwhile, an increasing number of illegal aliens are entering the United States after having been previously convicted of sexual offenses,” it continues. “The cancellation of [Operation Talon] effectively broadcasts to the world that the United States is now a sanctuary jurisdiction for sexual predators. This message creates a perverse incentive for foreign sexual predators to seek to enter the United States illegally and assault more victims, both in the process of unlawful migration and after they arrive. It will also broadcast the message to other criminal aliens who have committed other offenses that any kind of robust enforcement against them is unlikely.” 

The letter begs perhaps the most important question: “If the United States will not remove even convicted sex offenders, whom will it remove?” 

The entire border situation is clearly out of control, and Americans know who to blame.

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