BOOM! Another Tyrant Governor May Be Hit with Criminal Charges Similar After Nursing Home Deaths Similar to Cuomo’s

The mud is getting deep for disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Even after all of the sexual misconduct allegations (there are at least six women at this point who have accused him of wrongdoing) and the scandal with the nursing home deaths as a result of his policies, he still refuses to step down.

In fact, he’s telling the legislature that they’re going to have to impeach him to get rid of him is very telling.

It’s a good thing that he was stripped of his emergency powers, but the man needs to be completely removed.

Scandal after scandal have come out against the tyrant governor. He has been hit with a number of sexual abuse allegations on top of the nursing home scandal that led to the deaths of thousand of people in New York.

Well, he’s not the only one that’s getting in trouble over this. Michigan had very similar policies and now one prosecutor is going after the wretched Gretchen Whitmer with criminal charges for the policies that she issued leading to nursing home deaths as well.

WXYZ reported,

Criminal charges could be in the works against Governor Gretchen Whitmer over putting COVID patients inside nursing homes used as hubs early in the pandemic.

New Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido says people who lost loved ones to COVID as residents or staff inside nursing homes should go back to get the vital information about the circumstances of their death and take that to local police and make a complaint as a wrongful death.

Lucido says with HIPAA laws, he can’t get that information in his own investigation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently under investigation for allegedly doctoring the number of COVID deaths inside nursing homes. Lucido says only 5 states including Michigan and New York used the care facilities as hubs.

One report back in June of last year even stated that Whitmer declined the idea of putting patients who had tested positive for the “forbidden illness” in separate and vacant centers to keep the other patients who had not yet tested positive safe.

This is what her policy stated: “Any alternate care facility within the state that has available bed capacity to receive the resident must accept a transfer authorized by this order.”

It’s because of this that countless people died.

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