BOOM! Audio of James Clapper Admitting Obama Made Them Spy on Trump! (AUDIO)

During Rush Limbaugh’s show earlier this week, he aired the audio of former Department of National Intelligence Director, James Clapper actually saying that Barack Obama really did force the top government on President Trump and his campaign during the 2016 election.

This is a huge deal. Those of us with common sense knew all along that Obama was the most likely culprit behind it all since he had the power and position to get it done, but now we actually have evidence of it.

Obama was making the calls to have the FBI and CIA spy on Trump.

Take a look at the transcript of the audio from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: Audio sound bite number 10, this morning on CNN Jim Sciutto is talking to James Clapper, who was as corrupt as Brennan, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence. And Jim Sciutto says, “Are you concerned that Barr or Durham’s investigation will find wrongdoing and seek to punish former intelligence officials like you?

CLAPPER: The message I’m getting from all this is, apparently what we were supposed to have done was to ignore the Russian interference, ignore the Russian meddling and the threat that it poses to us, and oh, by the way, blown off what the then commander in chief, President Obama, told us to do, which was to assemble all the reporting that we could that we had available to us —

RUSH: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop the digital. Did you hear what he just said? He just said (imitating Clapper), “And, by the way, should we have just blown off what Obama told us to do?” Does he know what he’s just done here? Clapper on CNN today said Obama made us do it. Here, finish the bite or play it from the top, whichever you have ready to go.

CLAPPER: — and put it in one report that the president could pass on to the Congress and to the next administration. And while we’re at it, declassify as much as we possibly could to make it public, and that’s what we did.

SCIUTTO: One issue I’m — (crosstalk)

CLAPPER: It’s kind of disconcerting now to be investigated for, you know having done our duty and done what we were told to do by the president.

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