Former Capitol Police Chief Makes HUGE Reveal in January 6 Attack

It’s no secret as to what the agenda is from the mainstream media and the left when it comes to the riot that happened at the Capitol back in January.

The story that they want to push is that President Trump incited violence with his speech that was given when he told people to fight.

This was not a call for violence, but a call for protest, just like every time politicians say it…well, in reality, I think Democrats do actually call for violence.

Liberals also blamed everyone who challenged the results of the election in a handful of states. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even went as far as to blame Ted Cruz for the attack and even said that he tried to have her murdered.

Eventually, she got called out on this lie because she wasn’t even in the same building where the attack was. No protester ever even set foot in her building.

In reality, yes, there were Trump supporters who were involved and they should be held accountable for what they did, but we also know that it wasn’t just Trump supporters and it may not have even been them that started the violence.

Now, the former Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund said that they actually had intel that Antifa was a part of the attack that day.

We already knew that, but it’s good to have someone official say it. However, you’re not going to see this in the mainstream media but it ruins their narrative.

Sund testified before the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees that based on the intelligence that they had, there were members of Proud Boys, some white supremacist groups, Antifa, and other groups that were supposed to participate in the protest and that it could become violent.

You may even recall that a former FBI agent even said that there was at least one busload of Antifa goons that showed up at the Capitol who infiltrated the group of supporters.

It’s also very suspicious that while the FBI issued a report on January 5th that there could be violence, the Capitol police never received that report.

If they knew, why didn’t they inform the police? Why did everything happen the way that it did? It looks like another false flag operation to impeach President Trump.

It really makes you wonder what all Congress knew beforehand as well.

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