BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice and Family Forced into Secure Location Because of Liberal Mobs

Where is the committee that should be looking into what is going on with these protests right now? If the situation was reversed in this context on any other issue, Democrats would be impeaching and imprisoning those involved.

The demonstrations over the leaked Supreme Court opinion have become so severe that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his family have been forced to relocate to a more secure location.

Can you just imagine what Nancy Pelosi and the Chuck Schumer would be saying right now if the shoe was on the other foot and conservatives were protesting outside of the newly nominated Supreme Court Justice’s home so much, and making the same sort of threats that she would have to be relocated to somewhere that is more secure?


Someone even doxxed the home addresses of the other conservative justices and now protests are going on outside their homes as well. Liberals are freaking demonic! They really are something else.

I wish a public debate on abortion would actually take place on tv just so people could really see how bad their arguments really are. Overall, most of them claim that it’s not a human life, but they can’t say when a human life begins or what changes about it in order for it to begin. Many will say when they can survive outside of the womb, but that’s an ever-changing standard because as we continue to progress with our technology, they can survive sooner and sooner, and pretty soon, they’ll be able to survive in an artificial womb. What then? What will be their argument?

But there are several other arguments they offer, none of which are any good, but I’ll not go over those here.

My thoughts overall though are let’s do this. Let’s end Roe v. Wade. It should have never existed anyway. And the fact that Congress is trying to put laws in place to make abortion a law, proves that it was never the law to begin with.

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