BUSTED: Chicago Mayor Caught Violating Own Mask Mandate While Thousands Around Her Wear Masks

If you’ve been a reader of ours for very long, then you know that there is one thing above all else that I just cannot stand, and that is hypocrisy.

It is absolutely maddening when someone, especially someone in a position of authority such as a government official makes a law or mandates that everyone abide by a particular standard, but then they themselves do not follow their own instructions as though they’re exempt from them.

99% of the time that we see this happening, it’s with a Democrat. We’ve seen it with California Governor Gavin Newsom, we’ve seen it with the Wicked Witch of the North Governor Gretchen Whitmer, we’ve seen it with San Francisco Mayor London Breed, we’ve seen it from Nancy Pelosi. I could literally just keep going in naming people because it has become such an epidemic.

Then, this week, I saw a photo of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and I just could not believe the audacity that this woman has to go out in front of tens of thousands of people and to be the only person there not wearing a mask.

THEN on top of that, she was the one who posted the photo on Twitter!

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I’ve got a very serious question that I’d like to ask…what the f***, people? How can anyone have elected this clown? How has she not been removed from her office by now?

This honestly isn’t even the worst thing that she’s done. I’d challenge anyone to show me how the city of Chicago has done anything but flush itself further down the toilet over the last few years. Hundreds of people get shot and many of them die in Chicago every year, and what’s sad is most of the crimes go unsolved. Sadly, her time isn’t up until May 2023 so Chicago will likely get worse before it gets any better.

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