Canadians Send Morse Code ‘SOS’ To US After Restrictive Orders Get Worse

While we are still stuck fighting this fight against the (forbidden illness), we’re not the only ones.

I think it’s easy to forget that there are nations across the world that are still battling this severely and in more ways than one.

There are still many parts of the country that are facing strict orders, but some countries still have it even worse.

Like out Candian neighbors who conduct border checks between providences and where patrols are dedicated to ensuring people stay in their homes by force.

A group of Ontario residents marched to the US border near Niagra Falls to send an S.O.S to the United States via Morse Code. One protester pleaded with viewers, “we are hostages in our province!”.

I’ve covered the pure tyrannical lockdown measures a few times. The most recent was on New Years’, when a family get-together led to a full-blow raid after. The scene was unbelievably heartbreaking as Canadian police toss around family members as if they were members of a drug cartel, just for trying to spend time together during the holidays.

“We are down here in Niagara Falls, Ontario,” a demonstrator said in a video that streamed live on Facebook. “We have a flag upside down in distress. And we are about to Morse code ‘SOS’ across the border to our neighbors. We are asking for help. We are hostages in our province now. We are no longer free to do whatever we want as our Charter allows us.”

The man added, “We’re going to Morse code ‘SOS’ across the border, and somebody even notified the Border Patrol. And they are waiting for this message. So this is what it’s all about, guys. Take action. Take action. Do more than just protest,” he adds.

Ontario was met with severe backlash for its new virus restrictions. As the Westphalian Times reported:

“On April 16, the government of Ontario initially announced strict new measures which included new provincial police powers, all outdoor gatherings with people outside your household will be banned, playgrounds closed, nearly all outdoor recreational activities to be restricted, places of worship, funerals and weddings will have a capacity limit of 10 people, non-essential construction will be halted, border-checks will be introduced at the Quebec and Manitoba borders, essential retail locations will be limited to 25% capacity, among many other new restrictions.

Initially, the government of Ontario said that police would be given the authority to ask anyone outside or in a car why they are not at home for the mandated stay-at-home order and the police may ask for their address.

However, after fierce criticism of the new rules, some rules were amended on Saturday, April 17.

Now, police will only be able to stop an individual who they have reason to believe are attending an organized public event or social gathering.”

Yay? I’m not sure I would consider that an amendment to the tyrannical orders but I’m sure it offered some relief to the officers who were expected to stop every person to find out why they were out of their homes.

Canada’s lockdown measures have been criticized around the world. Especially with their treatment of worshipers and how they have mishandled churchgoers. Personally, I think the response to this virus has been more destructive than the COVID-10 itself. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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