Cancel Culture Plan Backfired After Professor Booted from MIT Lecture

The whole idea of the cancel culture is one that is absolutely insane.

The idea is that if you’ve said or done something in your past regardless of when it was, if you’ve changed or anything of that nature, you are to be held accountable and you must suffer.

There is no room for repentance, no room for forgiveness, and all it does is create vindictive liberal snowflakes who have nothing better to do with their lives than to try and become victims.

A recent “cancelation” of a professor who was to give a speech at MIT has backfired on the cancel culture.

Professor Dorian Abbot was canceled after receiving complaints from alumni and students about Abbott’s criticism of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in higher education.

According to The Daily Wire,

“The associate geophysics professor, Dorian Abbot, said activists and MIT academics were outraged by comments he made in an August Newsweek opinion piece, wherein he criticized current diversity, equity, and inclusion standards in higher education,” Fox News reported. “In the piece, Abbot proposed an alternative framework called ‘Merit, Fairness, and Equality,’ whereby university applicants are ‘treated as individuals’ and ‘evaluated through rigorous and unbiased’ processes based on merit and qualifications.”

The idea that candidates should be admitted to institutions of higher education on their individual merits was so outrageous to MIT’s alumni and students that they banded together to pressure the top school to cancel his “lecture on climate science and life on other planets” — the school’s annual Carson Lecture — even though his studies — and the subject of the lecture — are completely unrelated to DEI.

Well…as I said, their plan backfired. Instead of hosting the lecture at MIT, Princeton hosted the lecture online and now THOUSANDS of people have signed up to hear his lecture.

“Now, Princeton has opted to take the reins and host Abbot’s lecture remotely on October 21, the very same day it was scheduled to take place at MIT,” Fox News noted. “A Princeton professor, Robert P. George, said in a Sunday tweet that the ‘Zoom quota’ for the lecture had already been expanded to accommodate more attendees after the web conference limit was reached.”

We’re not going to sit down and take this crap lightly. People are fed up and fighting back!

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