Carjacker Gets Painful Surprise When Something Comes Flying Out of the Car

The U.S. is experiencing a crime wave, especially in large, Democrat-run cities. One crime that is especially on the rise is carjacking. Many law-abiding citizens are worried about how to protect themselves against vehicle theft.

America has also been embroiled in a contentious debate about gun ownership. Frequently, a legal gun owner prevents a crime from ever happening. Recently, in crime-ridden Chicago, worry over protecting oneself against car theft and legal gun ownership crossed paths.

For most Americans, other than the gun-blind radical left, there’s a serious lesson to be learned from what transpired. WBBM-TV in Chicago reported that, according to the police, a man was in his car when another man approached and began shooting at him.

The carjacking happened at around 1:30 in the morning. Armed with a gun, one might presume that the car thief would successfully pull off the heist. He did not. The 45-year-old vehicle owner had a concealed carry license.

He shot back. An alleged car thief is now in a Chicago Loyola Hospital, placed in critical condition. The carjacker was shot in the chest by his intended victim. The attempted carjacking occurred on the west side of the city.

That’s most certainly a strange, if not appropriate, twist of fate. The incident is still under investigation, but no charges have been yet filed against the carjacking victim. The carjacker’s weapon was recovered at the scene.

Every type of crime is up in Chicago. Many crimes are now happening in wide-open, popular tourist places. Increasingly, people are choosing not to visit the Windy City. NPR reports that Chicago police are putting much of the blame for carjackings on the city’s youth.

Maybe someone should look at the liberal policies of Chicago’s pathetic excuse for a mayor. Despite a continued rise in crime and violence, Looney Lori Lightfoot says they’re making progress fighting crime. It doesn’t appear her words match the results.

Like virtually all liberals, Lightfoot blames the guns. She bemoaned her citizens, “The biggest challenge I think that we face is we’ve got to make sure that these young people put down the guns, and we’ve got to make more progress on carjackings.”

One Chicago car owner might be dead if he didn’t have a legal gun. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will make them targets. Obviously, the criminals have guns. This carjacker did. However, he ran into someone who shot back. That sounds like an appropriate twist of fate.

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