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The Very Simple Reason McCabe Was Fired

“Andrew McCabe was fired for cause.” Too simple? Well… Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese elaborates. “Why was Andrew McCabe fired? Lack of candor, lying to the FBI,” Coglianese explains. “There’s a whole lot here to unpack, here’s what we know. Andrew McCabe was fired for cause. If you’re an FBI official, you can’t lie to your own agency–and that’s what he stands accused of,” he says. “The IG handed this off to the Office of Professional Responsibility, they recommended a firing, and Jeff Sessions did what? He fired them, upon their recommendation. This is about as clean-cut process it gets in the FBI....

/ March 20, 2018

Teens Who Smoke Marijuana Are Linked To THIS Condition For The Rest Of Their Lives

While marijuana has some great and hugely important uses, it does need to be used with some caution, especially for young folks. H/T Daily Mail American researchers say the drug is particularly dangerous for a group of people who have a genetic susceptibility to the mental health disorder – and it could be the trigger for it. Asaf Keller, of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said the results highlight the dangers of teenagers smoking cannabis during their formative years. The study found that even short-term exposure to cannabis impaired brain activity, with the damage continuing into adulthood The...

/ March 17, 2018

Teacher Placed On Leave For Questioning #NeverAgain School Walkout

Julianne Benzel, a history teacher in California, opened a discussion with her students about the politics of protest and questioning the school walkout… and was prompt put on leave. “We had a dialogue in class about it in Thursday and Friday. And today I received the call. So I am aghast,” Benzel told CBS13. “And so I just kind of used the example which I know it’s really controversial, but I know it was the best example I thought of at the time—a group of students nationwide, or even locally, decided ‘I want to walk out of school for 17 minutes’ and...

/ March 16, 2018

Teen Tries Choke Holding Cop, Then Gets Hit With Karma

A very and overly confident young man thought he could take on a cop but quickly learned NOPE! The cop ended up lifting him and body slammed the young guy to get him to stop his ill-fated attack. Here’s how some internet users, including the young man’s own mom responded: “When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning,” she wrote on Facebook after the incident occurred. By Monday morning, her post been viewed more than 1 million viewers and had been shared more than 16,000...

/ March 16, 2018

Trey Gowdy Makes Wild Revelation About The Clintons

"History will be much kinder to Jim Comey"

/ March 7, 2018

Rice: Gun Rights Protected Black Americans From Racists

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for some reason, appeared on The View and laid it out flat for them! She told them that gun rights helped project Black Americans from racists… and she’s right! “Let me tell you why I’m a defender of the Second Amendment. I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late ’50s, early ’60s,” Rice said. “There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham police were going to protect you.” “So when white night riders would come through our neighborhood, my father and his friends would take their guns...

/ March 3, 2018

Would Legalizing Marijuana Solve Anything? This Guy Thinks So

What do you think of his reasons?

/ August 2, 2017

Eric Trump Takes On Mainstream Media

Eric Trump stated during an interview this week that the media are hurting the people in how they cover the Trump presidency. Do you agree with him? “The media’s really gone to shambles,” Eric Trump said. “They would rather focus on the Russia and they would rather focus on these nonsense stories than real news that people care about. And that’s a sad thing for this country.” “It’s really a race to the bottom with the media these days,” he continued. “It’s no longer who has the most journalistic integrity, who puts out the best story, what’s the most meaningful...

/ August 1, 2017

11-year-old’s Invention Could Save A Lot Of Lives

Amazing! If I have to read one more “hot car death” I’m going to flip my sh*t!!! And this 11-year-old kid may have the answer! Meet Bishop Curry. He’s invented a device that will alert parents as well as authorities if 1) a child has been left in a car and 2) if the temperature reaches a certain degree. “It has a temperature monitor on it and once it gets to a certain degrees, it detects [if] there is a person in the car,” said Bishop’s mom, Tia Curry, “Then it has a fanning cooling system and it starts to...

/ July 21, 2017