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Look What Judge Jeanine Says About Free Speech!

And she is completely right!

/ April 23, 2017

Shifting Ad Algorithms Hurting Independent Media

Ads were appearing on YouTube videos that espoused extremism and hate speech

/ April 18, 2017

Dana Loesch To NY Times: “We’re Coming For You”

Clearly Dana Loesch has had enough of the bull-crap being spewed by the left.

/ April 12, 2017

This is why we are the greatest nation on earth. #America

"America must win this war." WE ARE AMERICANS!

/ April 12, 2017

Vietnam Veterans: An Unshakable Bond

The Vietnam War Memorial is hallowed ground.

/ April 10, 2017

Young Syrian Girl Thanks Trump for Taking Action Against Assad

Syrian's everywhere are coming out in support of President Trump's actions against Assad.

/ April 8, 2017

LOL! See what Harvard students think if ISIS

"Terrorism is not a big deal" -- GIVE ME A BREAK!

/ April 6, 2017