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CNN Host Allowed NRA To Be Called “Child Murderers”

CNN host Alisyn Camerota claims she never allowed the NRA to be called “Child Murderers” on her program… the problem? She did… and here’s the proof. “I do need to interject though, Alisyn,” Loesch said. “You’re saying that it’s malicious, but yet on your network, you’ve allowed accusations against me and millions of law-abiding Americans to be indicted as child murderers. I’ve watched you, Alisyn, on your program at this very time slot, and you’ve allowed that to stand uncorrected on your network.” Camerota replied, “It’s not true. We’ve never called you a child murderer. We have to be fact-based.”...

/ March 13, 2018

Matthews Has The Nerve To Compare Trump To Kim Jung-un

Dimwitted Chris Matthews stated on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that President Donald Trump is “tossing bodies out of the white house” like the purges of Kim Jung-un. He at least had the courtesy to mention that they’re getting fired and not being killed… Matthews said, “Faced with a full-scale investigation by the House, the Senate, and a special counsel over collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, President Trump has engaged in a series of Russian-style purges.” After listing people who have lost positions in the administration, Matthews added, “With the regularity of the nightly news, President Trump is throwing bodies out...

/ August 1, 2017

Fareed Zakaria: Trump Is ‘A Class Rebellion Against People Like Us’

Fareed Zakaria of the “Nothing Burger” CNN “explains” how President Donald Trump “rose to power”… ugh… “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things,” Zakaria said. “There’s a part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this overeducated population that Hillary Clinton perfectly represented. That’s why they’re sticking with him,” he continued. Zakaria also blamed racism and diversity on Trump’s rise. “He knew that the election of a black president had stirred a...

/ August 1, 2017

What A Joke! Media Claims Trump Did WHAT?

Do you think they are right?

/ July 29, 2017

Rep Gowdy SLAMS Mainstream Media!

It doesn't get clearer than this.

/ July 29, 2017